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What We Do

This is the official website of the WOTS.  
Based in Thessaloniki Greece, we are here to help you obtain the required knowledge that will guide you into the FOREX market along with the special world of the Cryptocurrencies.

As we move further into the 21st century, economy is rapidly evolving and more and more people are learning how to get their share of this global wealth. The future of economy is already here and investing in the FOREX or the Crypto market has become the new black.
Now is the most exciting time to get into Forex Trading and we are the ones to show you how.

How We Do It

We spent years of trial and error so you won’t have to.
Nowadays, even with vast information being shared across the internet, if someone wants to learn how to trade the Forex market on his own, it may take him up to 1 whole year and a good amount of money to only learn the basics.

That’s why we are offering something unique and new here in Greece, where most of the people think of investing as being chaotic.
Within our training academy we offer guidance, we cover the basic principles of how the Forex market and trading works, and will educate and train you on how to be profitable from Forex trading while being a student, having a job, or any other full-time occupation.
All you need is 1 hour per day, your smartphone or pc and we are here with the right guidance to connect the dots for you and lead you from zero to success.

Thank you for supporting us and feel free to send us your questions via our Contact Us section.
Ask anything. We will be more than happy to reply.

What We Offer

Market Analysis

Every Sunday we are hosting a live analysis for the market structures of the upcoming week, with all of our students able to spectate and a recording available for those who couldn't be there for the live feed.

With us by your side, you will learn the tricks of all three types of Analysis, and eventually will find your role and type as a trader.

Educational Support

In our team there is full support during your Basic Studies. But even after moving to the Advanced training, our trading group is here for everyday trading and signals discussions.

Beyond the daily support, every Saturday we are hosting a Fundamental Economics Analysis live session, focusing on the market and world changes during the past week and how they are going to affect our future trades.

Personalized Education

Every person and student is different, that's why we build the educational program based on each and everyones' needs. Your work or studies schedule are taken into consideration to achieve the maximum convenience for you.

Team Work

Within our Trading Club we promote working as a team. Having more people looking for entry points and in our fully equipped offices, we all help each other getting in the markets the right time to achieve maximum profits.

With the help of the Telegram app we have created 3 groups, in wich we share daily analysis, possible trade entries, or an open discussion within the whole academy and its students, for better collective development.

Our Team

Our team consists of four founding members. The four of us came together from different backgrounds but we share the same vision and passion for personal and financial freedom.
A few months after our first meeting, here we are today, having conducted this trading club with our sole purpose being to Educate you in the FOREX market, and help you achieve your personal goals, thrive in the market, and reach to a complete financial freedom.

Contact Us

You can send us your personal information via the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Or, you can find us on Facebook & Instagram and chat directly with us.